Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Sassy New Year!

Happy 2014! Wow, it’s here. Can you believe it? Here's some of the fun stuff that happened to me in 2013:

·         My debut, Tempting the Billionaire was published in January by Grand Central Publishing.
·         I had a launch party (and reading) to celebrate the release of TtB with 50+ of my closest fam & friends.
with Kathy Love
·         I attended my first Romance Times Convention in Kansas City, MO. I hung out with my agency sisters and made a new bestie in Maisey Yates whom I’d hung out with on Twitter for 3 years but had never met. So we roomed together (natch) along with Teri Anne Stanley in our haunted hotel room (to be fair, the entire hotel was haunted). I also met my agent, my editor, author Kathy Love whom I’ve loved forEVAH. And E.L. James of Fifty fame.
with E.L. James at RT 2013
"Jess, Enjoy my manwhore <3 Maisey Yates"
·         I attended my second Lori Foster Reader-Author Get-together and even had a seat to give away bookmarks and buttons. Met so many fantastic authors, including Charley Davidson seires fave: Darynda Jones
·         I turned 29!
·         Again!

·       Can’t Let Go (novella prequel to Hard to Handle) released in September, and we got to get up close & personal with Aiden and Sadie rather than just seeing them in the background of Tempting the Billionaire. (Side note: my head may or may not have nearly exploded from how difficult that timeline was to construct.) O__O       

·         Hard to Handle (eBook) released in October. Aiden and Sadie + Sexytimes = happy readers. :-)
Hard to Handle

·         IF YOU DARE, also known as my haunted house romance released in November and the world meets smexy Marcus.
Smexy Marcus
·         A week later, Tempting the Billionaire went to paperback! Shane August, in the pulp!
·         My first REAL signing! The Romancing the Holidays happened in Ohio with fellow romance authors Jules Bennett, Macy Beckett, Toni Blake, Tonya Kappes, and more. (Not that I’m name-dropping.) Lori Foster. (I’m totes name-dropping.) Copious pics available by clicking HERE, if you're into that sort of thing.
·         Attended an author/reader Christmas party at Lori Foster’s house.

So…what’s ahead for 2014?
·         Another signing with Lori Foster & Co. in February.
·         Hard to Handle goes to paperback in March.
·         New Orleans Romance Times Convention in May.
·         The Millionaire Affair (book 3, Landon’s story) goes to eBook & paperback in June.
·     Also in June, I'll turn 29! Again! 
·         MORE books in the works…stay tuned for the continuation of the Love in the Balance series PLUS brand new, sexy heroes.

AND, I’m going to eat healthy and exercise. But who cares about that, right? Bring on the sexy heroes!

WHAT ABOUT YOU? What awesomeness happened to you in 2013? Or, if last year was a bust, what are you looking forward to experiencing in 2014? DO TELL!

Happy New Year!

Jess :-)

Jessica Lemmon writes sassy, sexy contemporary romance with a squeeze of humor. She blogs on this site on rotation with the other Sassy Chicks. You can find out more at, LIKE her at, and tweet her in 140-character bursts on Twitter: @lemmony

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