Friday, October 11, 2013

Interview: Jessica Lemmon

Happy Friday! Today we're featuring contemporary romance writer Jessica Lemmon, and if you're not following her on Twitter, you're missing some pretty fantastic tweets! But first, the interview!

What do you think makes a good book?

The truth. I love honesty in writing. If it’s raw and real and makes me feel what the characters are feeling, I’m sold.

How did you come up with the idea for your book Hard to Handle?

Hard to Handle is my second book, so Aiden’s and Sadie’s characters were introduced in Tempting the Billionaire. In a way, this made Hard to Handle easier to write because I already knew their personalities. BUT. Aiden and Sadie dated and broke up in the background of that first book. The challenge was figuring out what, exactly, had gone down between those two. I knew Aiden rode a motorcycle, and thought it’d be fun to pair him with a girl who was terrified of riding. To make it fun, I made her very passionate about her job…selling motorcycle parts! Sadie was a blast to write. She’s honest and snarky and so very strong. She’s such an honest character.

What was the “hardest” part of writing Hard to Handle?

Ironically, the hardest part of writing Hard to Handle wasn’t writing Hard to Handle! It was writing the companion (prequel) novella Can’t Let Go. Can’t Let Go is the “before” the “Happily Ever After” for Aiden and Sadie and I have to admit, it absolutely tore me up to write. In the beginning, they had it so, so good. They were in love, and it was easy to see how much they needed each other; how deserving of love they both were. Then Aiden’s mom gets ill and BOOM, Aiden’s family tragedy shoves Sadie right out of the picture.

Writing a breakup is no joke, people! And when I wrote the scene where Aiden’s entire family is talking in the living room, I cried. Like, actually sobbed while writing it. I’d never done that before (or since). I’ve had readers claim to have shed tears at that scene, too, which is just about the highest compliment you can pay a writer. I’m all, “You cried! Yay! I’m so glad!” LOL

What else have you written? Which one is your favorite?

There are 3 books in the Love in the Balance series:

1.       Tempting the Billionaire

2.      Hard to Handle (and the prequel novella: book 1.5 Can’t Let Go)

3.      The Millionaire Affair (coming 2014)

My favorite? Okay, confession. I think I’m still in love with Aiden. Don’t tell Tempting’s Shane…or Millionaire’s Landon, though. I love them, too. ;-)

Do you have a nickname?

A lot of people call me by my Twitter handle (@lemmony). Usually followed by asking me, “Is it okay if I call you that?” The answer is absolutely YES! Totally okay. I signed up for Twitter a long, long time ago and wasn’t sure what to make my handle…so I named myself after my license plate (on my yellow car) which reads: LEMMONY. It stuck, and after I became “an author”, I decided to leave it. I thought the nickname was fun and memorable. :-)

Fast Facts:

Coffee or tea?  Coffee! Starbucks, if you have it.

White wine or red? Yes.

Champagne or liquor? Sure, I’ll have some of that, too.

Laptop or desktop? Desktop. I have a lot of notes/stuff to spread out!

Casual or couture? Casual, all the way.

Motorcycle or bicycle? I want to say motorcycle, even though, like Sadie, I don’t ride. Somehow, though, I think Aiden Downey could talk me into it. Especially if he wore down my defenses the way he did Sadie’s in Hard to Handle…  ;-)
About Jessica Lemmon:
Jessica Lemmon has always been a dreamer. At some point, she decided head-in-the-clouds thinking was childish, went out, and got herself a job . . . and then she got another one because that one was lousy. And when that one stopped being fulfilling, she went out and got another . . . and another. Soon it became apparent she'd only be truly happy doing what she loved. And since "eating potato chips" isn't a viable career, she opted to become a writer. With fire in her heart, she dusted off a book she'd started years prior, finished it, and submitted it. It may have been the worst book ever, but it didn't stop her from writing another one. Now she has several books finished, several more started, and even more marinating in her brain (which currently resides in the clouds, thankyouverymuch), and she couldn't be happier. She firmly believes God gifts us with talents for a purpose, and with His help, you can create the life you want. (While eating potato chips.)
About Hard To Handle:
Sadie Howard never dates a guy more than once-but Fate has other plans for her when it comes to Aiden Downey, the one that got away. Aiden loved her, left her, and broke her heart. Yet suddenly she's bumping into him at every turn, driven to distraction by his wicked grin and rock-hard body. Now she can't resist finishing what they started-as long as she doesn't let herself fall in love . . .
Aiden Downey threw away the best thing he ever had when he let Sadie go, and now he's determined to win back the woman he's always wanted. Sadie agrees to let him into her life-and her bed-as long as there are no strings attached. But Aiden's not about to make the same mistake again. Can he convince her to take a second chance on a once-in-a-lifetime love?
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