Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Marissa Collections's Jay Hartington

If “Generosity Is Good For Your Health”*, then Jay Hartington must be in superb shape! He’s today’s featured BIG WIG for The Golisano Children’s Museum’s BIG WIG Night at the Museum, and he can be summed up in three words:

Cool, calm, collective

Here’s why Jay is someone you’ll want to meet at the Big Wigs Night at theMuseum

Jay and MarissaCollections has been a supporter of The Golisano Children's Museum since the museum's capital campaign. Every year he tries to find a new, interesting way to continue this support.

When asked why, Jay elaborates...

C'mon provides a great launch pad for the children of this community to learn and be creative. Having a daughter of my own makes it all that much more special, and we look forward to visiting for years to come.

So what's this BIG WIG do in his spare time?

Work ;) read, play tennis, and travel... His one bad habit he won't break is checking his phone too much, and unfortunately, it's the one thing he can't live without. But his dream day would be walking aimlessly around NYC with his family and letting the day play its course.

Sounds lovely! But if you can't get to NYC, then you might spot Jay at the last restaurant where he ate dinner, Bleu Provence.

...and his one piece of advice to anyone?

Be curious in life.

Jay's Favorites:

Season: Fall
Holiday: Thanksgiving
Book: Good Earth
Place in the world: Sardinia

Fast Facts:

Beaches or pools? beach
Dark or milk chocolate? dark
Straight up or with a twist? straight up
Flowers or chocolates? flowers
Laptop or desktop? laptop
Motorcycle or bicycle? bike
Health food or junk food? a little of both
Morning or night? night
Coffee or tea? coffee

Thanks for stopping by the blog! We hope to see you at the Big Wigs Night at the Museum on February 7th! Please call 239-260-1714 or visit for tickets or sponsorship information.

*”7 Science-Backed Reasons Why Generosity Is Good For Your Health”

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