Friday, October 17, 2014

As Heard at Retreat

What happens when four writers rent a house in Sanibel, Florida and decide to set goals?

These "As Heard at Retreat" are "as heard" and not necessarily "as said."

Can you guess the speaker?

a. Lynnette Hallberg
b. Diane O'Key
c. Amanda Flower
d. Marisa Cleveland

1. "If I didn't love you, I'd slap the shit out of you."

2. "...and now I've sliced my finger open."

3. "If an alligator eats her, I'll never get over it."

4. "You have to eat at least one Cheetos."

5. "I like to be right. I don't handle being wrong too well."

6. "Every time I travel something traumatic happens, but I keep doing it anyway."

7. "I will drown my sorrow in guacamole."

8. "Come here. I told Lane I would pinch you." What?!?

9. "Did I show you the picture of me signing his butt?"

10. "Well, I'm doing great with the writing. Nicole will be so proud." -- word count = 0

11. "You can't cure stupid."

12. "Whoo, I'm all hot and bothered."

13. "You just lost your Cheetos for an hour!"

14. "If I'm going to have to drink it, I need it to be frozen. Like a slushy."

15. "Well, it's time to get these two into bed."

16. "I'm totally screwed up."

17. "It's going to hurt, you will cry a lot, and you'll wish you never did it, but it will be worth it."

...and here are some pics we snapped during our writing breaks...

Wake up and write until the sun rises

Finish second cup of coffee

Go outside and jog

Write, chat, write

Visit bakery for goodies


Write, stare out window, write

Take a Cheetos break

Watch two boats racing

Visit Cheeburger Cheeburger

Thanks, Diane!

Drink milkshakes


Enjoy the beach

Take "us"ies from the back seat

Become a National Bestselling Author!

Take pictures of geckos

Put on real clothes to go out for dinner

Take pics of each other

Let the process unfold

Commune with nature

Walk through the woods

Go shelling

Pack up laptop

Have one final group dinner

Drink wine

Celebrate being a novelist

As always, thanks for stopping by the blog!



  1. And a great time--and wine and Cheetos--was had by all! There is nothing better than a week writing with wonderful friends--on Sanibel Island with the dolphins swimming right outside the window. The quotes? Yes, all were actually heard during the retreat. :)

  2. Looks like you ladies had a fabulous time!