Sunday, December 22, 2013

Street Team

Hi! *waves at everyone*

So... here's something fun! I made a super secret group on Facebook for my NEW street team!

Why do I need a street team?

Well... while writing can be a solitary adventure, I simply cannot do it alone.

I need help, and I'm hoping you'll be part of my SASSY endeavor.

Here's how this works:

1. You read this and think, "Awesome! I want to help Marisa promote her books and the books of her favorite authors."

2. You message me on Facebook. "Add me to your street team!"

3. I add you.

After you're added, you will receive my undying gratitude and ways to win prizes. Very low key, but I'm just getting started.


Hi All! Please share my new cover on your Facebook pages.

Then, the cover with the most "Like"s will win a $5 Amazon gift card or a mug or a tee shirt or a tote bag or a beach ball or a book or a box of books or...

Sound like fun?

Message me on Facebook and I'll add you.

As always, thanks for being part of the Sassy Chicks!

xoxo ~Marisa

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