Thursday, June 27, 2013

Interview: Matt Kincaid

Today we have a special visitor on the blog: Matt Kincaid!
Here's what the reviewers are saying about Matt:
"...left for the military right out of school..."
"...must keep his oath to his country while protecting the woman he is growing to love..."
"...but for Matt the same reasons he walked away form her before are still there..."
And now, for the interview between the author and Matt Kincaid!

Author interviews Matt Kincaid, from DANCING IN THE DARK, at a local coffee shop.

A: [Trying not to be intimidated by his eyes] Why did you come back to Walton Springs for this much needed R&R when you have your own apartment in D.C.?

MK: My mom has this old Victorian cottage. It always needs something done, some sort of maintenance. [A shrug] I had two weeks off, it's late Spring, perfect time for me to do some repairs, get some fishing in.

A: But your mother's not home.

MK: No, she's not. She took off with my Aunt Liz, her older sister. They take a trip to the Smokies this time of year. She knows I can't rearrange my time off. I'm sorry I'll miss her, but, she understands. Besides, she'll come to D.C. and enjoy the city next time I'm stateside.

A: Wait a minute, she knows what you do?

MK: I wouldn't put it past her to know. She's always told me "moms know everything." I still believe it.

A: Why don't you tell her?

MK: I don't want her to worry.

A: But if she knows, she worries.

MK: Yeah. I know. I wish I could do something about that, but it can't be helped. She knows that. But she knows I'm doing something I love. There's purpose in it.

A: So what's the deal with Jane Blackmon?

MK: Janey. Jane sounds… not like her. The idiots in high school called Plain Jane, but that's what they were, idiots.

A:  Why didn't you straighten them out? 

MK: I straightened out a couple of them, but I had already graduated and joined the army. It's not easy to kick ass when you're not there. Her brother beat the—

A: You really need to watch your mouth.

MK: Wait a minute. My "mouth," as you put it, comes from you, you know. And kick ass isn't all that bad. I don't cuss around my mother or Janey, or anyone else really, except the guys. [Smiles] And I wasn't going to say what you think I was going to say.

A: But your internal dialogue…

MK: Is my internal dialogue. Which, as I said, comes from you. So don't come off all high and mighty. Besides, do you really expect me to say "golly?"

A: You have a point, I guess.

MK: No guessing about it.

A: So what's the deal with her brother? Are you two friends?

MK: Yeah, we're friends. JP's a few years younger than I am, joined the army after I did. I got to know him better during a couple of gigs we worked together under our current employer. He's pretty tough, very specialized in what he does.

A: Which is what?

MK: [Meets my gaze directly] Can't answer that.

A: So when Janey asked you to find out what's happened to JP, what did you do?

MK: I called someone I know who only told me he's missing.

A: Which means what?

MK: In our line of work, it can mean a lot of things. Unfortunately, it's generally not anything good.

A: Did you tell Janey?

MK: Look, I told her more than I should. I even reached out to this other guy… Well, it's not something that needs to be said out loud. I just hope it helps. If JP's alive, he's in a world of trouble. [Leaning forward] Hey, don't you have another story coming out soon?

A: Yes, I have. It will be out in October.

MK: What's the title of your next book?

A: In the Arms of a Stranger.

A: Let's get back to you. Considering what you do, what your life's like, why Janey? She's a small town girl, a librarian for heavens' sake!

MK: You should be the last one disparaging librarians, given your day job.

A: Right again. Sorry. So, why a small town girl, a librarian?

MK: [Long silence] She's the one, okay? [Another, slighter short silence] Always has been. [Stands] Okay. That's enough. I have better things to do than sit around and talk.

A: Wait a minute, that's all you're going to say about Janey? About dancing?

MK: [Lips pursed] It's personal. It's between us.

A: [Smiling] Are you blushing?

MK: [Eyes narrowed] It's hot in here. What's wrong with the air conditioning?

A: [Standing so as not to be towered over] What did you think of the tux?

MK: [Laughing] Moment of weakness.

A: It looked pretty good on you.

MK: That's what Janey thought. That's all that matters.

A: But you're on the cover…

MK: Yeah, tell me about it. Janey's been showing it to her friends. I got a cat whistle the last time I went to her library.

A: In the library?

MK: Yeah. You've got to watch out for those librarians. They're kind of … irrepressible. [He's gone with a quick nod goodbye]

Dancing in the Dark [link:]
Find Virginia Kelly

So what do you think of the cover? I love a man in a tux. 

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  1. I love hero interviews. :) I have Dancing in the Dark on my TBR pile, Virginia, and I can't wait to read it.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Sheila. I like hero interviews, too.

  2. Fun interview! Love your hero :)

    1. Cathy, thanks for stopping by. I love my hero, too.